Cages for Budgies

Choosing a cage for you Budgies is extremely important.  The following are some of the tips for someone searching for a suitable cage for their budgies.  Budgies are extremely active birds.  When choosing a cage it is important to ensure that the cage is wide enough for the birds to fly across the cage and exercise themselves.

Place two perches on either ends of the cages for the birds to perch themselves.  The perches should be atleast an half an inch thick to prevent damage to the budgies' feet.

The bars of the bars should be spaced not more than 1/2 inch apart.  A larger spacing can cause budgies tostick their heads out of the cage with the risk of the head getting trapped between the bars.
There should be sufficient number of horizontal bars as budgies are avid climbers and love to climb the cagewalls.

The cage should ideally be rectangular in shape.  Avoid circular cages as they make budgies a bit insecure.  The cage should have a removable tray at the bottom to remove waste and keep the cage clean.

The cage should have doors which can be secured effectively.  Budgies are clever birds and will soon find a way to open doors that are not adequately fastened.