Cuttlebone for Budgies

Budgies, especially female, need calcium as they lay eggs.  Calcium deficiency can cause a dangerous condiction called egg binding in female budgies where the eggs, having soft shells due to lack of calcium, get stuck in the vent, causing death.

Hence, it is vital that the diet the budgies eat contains lot of calcium.  The Cuttle bone is a common source of calcium.  Cuttle bone as the name suggests comes from the cuttlefish.  It is available in all pet stores.  The cuttle bone may be placed inside the cage.  Some pet owners prefer to crush the cuttlebone into powder and add to the budgies' food. 

You can also provide other sources of calcium for your budgies such as broken eggshells and commercial calcium supplements which are available in the market.

Another alternative would be to use mineral blocks.  Mineral blocks are supplements which contain calcium as well as other ingredients such as phosphorus, zinc, Iron, Magnesium, etc necessary for the health of the budgie.