Nest for Budgies

In the wild, budgies nest in holes in the tree trunk.  In cages, budgies will accept any box or container with an opening small enough for them to enter as a nest.

Ideal boxes for cages are made of cardboard or wood.  The cage can have one opening on the top with a removable cover for you to inspect the nest and the budgie chicks inside.  Make an entrance of approx. 1.5 inch in diamter in the side of the cage for the budgies to enter. 

The female incubates the eggs.  You do not line the cage with any thing as budgies do not use any nesting material such as cotton, twigs, hay etc. 

The floor of the nest should preferably be concave to prevent the eggs from rolling around.  Earthen pots can also be used as nesting boxes. 

Special earthen pots of around 5 inch diamters with an entrance in the front are available at most pet stores.