Tips for Purchasing Budgies

When budgies are purchased, it is necessary that they are healthy.  A sick budgie can cause problems once you bring it home.  It can spread disease to other healthy budgies in your cage.  Hence, it is important that you buy only healthy birds from your petshop.

Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you are going to buy budgies. 

  1. Always go to a shop which is clean and the cages are well maintained.  
  2. Check carefully for any deformity or disease. 
  3. Select the Budgie which is active and alert.
  4. Check that the budgie's vent is clean.
  5. There should be no nasal discharges.
  6. The beaks and toes should be clean and well-formed.
  7. The feet should be perfectly aligned.
  8. Do not buy budgies which have their eyes closed.  While they may be sleeping.  It is also possible that they are sick.  You can ask the shopkeeper for a closer inspection.
  9. After you select a budgie, always ask the shopkeeper to be allowed to inspect the bird closely.
  10. It is better to buy younger birds as they adjust easily and can be trained.
  11. If possible arrange for a vet to inspect the bird.

After you buy a budgie and bring it home, it is better to quarantine it in a separate cage for a week and then introduce it to the main cage.  This ensures that the bird is healthy and diseases if any are not transmitted to the other birds.

While these checks may appear excessive, the consequences of introducing a sick bird into a population of healthy birds can be catastrophic.  Diseases can spread fast amongst birds leading to deaths.