Choosing a veterinarian for your budgies

Medical intervention by a veterinarian may be critical to your budgie's life in emergency situations.  Hence, you must locate a veterinarian in your locality before any emergency befalls your budgie.  Once you move to a new locality  it is better to look up the telephone listings or the internet to locate a suitable veterinarian for your bird.

Vets best suited for your budgies are usually Avian veterinarians who specialize in treating birds.  Avian veterinarians are specially trained to treat birds .

  • Check out the vet's accreditations and qualifications.  These can be obtained from the local Professional association for Avian veterinarians. 
  • Talk to your vet about his experience with treating budgies in particular, his fees and his schedule (whether he will make house visits and emergency calls, in the night, for example). 
  • It is good if the vet has budgies at his home.  Such vets may be better accustomed to the needs of budgies.
  • Check out the ambience of the clinic and the approach of the staff to the birds brought to them.  Birds should be made to feel comfortableAlso enquire about his fees for different procedures.