Toys for Budgies

Budgies are intelligent and playful creatures.  They love to play with toys, bits of paper and whatever they can find.  It is good to provide your budgies with toys they can play with.  The adage "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" holds true for Budgies too. 

A wide varieties of toys are available for your budgies.  Rings, steps, geometric blocks and a whole lot of designs.  Budgies love climbing and toys such as a block of steps provide endless entertainment to budgies.  Bells are another great idea.  Rings and hoops hung from the ceiling of the budgie cage provide interesting perches.

Beads also make good toys for your birds.  Beads can be used individually or strung up into beautiful shapes which can also look decorative.

A mirror placed in the cage also provides entertainment for your budgies

When designing or buying toys for your budgies you must take some precautions. 
  • The toys should not be painted as paint can be toxic. 
  • Do not use metals such as zinc or lead in the toys
  • Wood if used should be untreated. 
  • Do not use glue.
  • Toys should not have small holes or cracks/splits in which the feet of the birds can get caught.
  • Check the toys for sharp edges which can injure the bird.