Choosing the right location for the aquarium

Locating the aquarium in the right place in your home or office is crucial.  Here are some common tips for selecting the right place for your aquarium.

Place the aquarium at a place where you are likely to spend most of your time.

Placing the aquarium at a place where your spend most of your time ensures that you and those who visit your home enjoy the presence of your aquarium.  If it is placed in a corner where nobody goes, it can tend to get neglected.  At the same time, placing it in the centre of the room can sometimes become an obstruction as it may get in the way.

Ensure that there is adequate space around for maintenance

An aquarium requires periodic maintenance.  These maintenance activities require space for free movement of people and materials.  While choosing the place ensure that there is space around the aquarium.

Ensure the presence of electrical power supply and a water source nearby

An aquarium needs power to operate the aerator and the filter. Ensure that there is a power socket nearby to connect these equipments.  Having a water source nearby makes cleaning a lot easier.

Ensure a level location

An aquarium needs to be placed in a level location.  If it is not placed in a level location, there can be a leak or uneven stress on the tank walls which can result in a breakage.  Use a spirit level to check that the tank is properly leveled.

Keep the Aquarium Away from the Windows

Placing Aquariums near windows may result the water getting heated by sunlight.  Dust can also enter and settle on the tank and its fittings.

Make sure that the floor can bear the weight of an aquarium.  

Aquariums can get quite heavy.  Some can weight hundreds of kilograms.  Ensure that the flooring of the building can support the weight.  Talk to an engineer if necessary.

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