Aquarium Heater

Fish are cold blooded animals. They cannot regulate temperature on their own and are thus extremely sensitive to temperature.  Hence, the temperature within the aquarium should be within the limits experienced by the fish in its original natural environment.

Today, fish which were once present in one part of the world are found in aquariums the world over.  Hence, special attention should be given to learn about the temperature requirements of each fish and maintain the temperature.

In cold climates, fish may need a heater to increase the temperature.

Aquarium heaters are heaters encased in a ceramic tube.  The tube is immersed either partially or fully in the water.  The heaters have a thermostat which can maintain the heater temperature.

Some planted aquariums have a heating cable below the substrate.  This helps heat the tank.  Heating mats are another method of heating aquarium.  The heating mat is placed below the aquarium.  However, since glass is a poor conductor of heat, this method of heating is not efficient.