Chillers in Aquariums

Chillers are used in Aquarium to reduce the temperature particularly during hot seasons.  When the temperature rises, the oxygen level in the water drops.  Fish, being cold-blooded, are very sensitive to rise in temperature and may be come stressful.

The Deep Ocean is always cold.  Hence, if you have deep sea species in your marine aquarium, you must have chillers.

Some aquariums need both heaters and coolers at different times of the day or at different seasons of the year.  In such cases, there are temperature control units which have equipments for both heating and cooling.

Chillers reduce the temperature of the water by removing heat.  Thermoelectric Chillers are used for small aquariums up to 55 gallons.  For larger Aquariums, inline chillers need to be used.

There are also Drop in Chillers which are placed directly in the tank or in the sump.