Selecting a net for your aquarium

Selecting a net to catch fish is important.  A net should be big enough to catch the fish without injuring it.  It should also be small enough for easy movement through the aquarium.

Nets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  There are square nets and round nets. There are nets which are fine and nets which are coarse.  Coarse ones are ideal for big fish.  Coarse nets can damage the fins of small fish which can get caught in the small holes.

If you have a rectangular or square tank, a rectangular net will be useful as it can fit better against the corners.  If you have circular tanks, you can use circular nets.

When trying to catch the fish, position the net close to the fish without startling it.  This will help prevent the difficult chases across the aquarium which can damage the plants and other fitments.

Some people lower the water level when they are catching difficult fish.

Another technique is to use two nets and drive the fish into one using the other.