Selecting the proper aquarium tank size ?

When it comes to aquarium size, it is always better to have a bigger aquarium.  Bigger Aquariums give more space for fish to swim about.  You have a wider choice of aquascape designs to be implemented in a bigger aquarium.

Aquariums which are bigger can house more fish and more diverse species.  Aquariums which are bigger are also more tolerant of mistakes such as overdosing and delayed maintenance as the water quantity is larger.

While bigger aquariums are better.  They are not always feasible.

Smaller aquariums are easier to clean occupy less space and can be placed wherever you want.  It is easier for beginners to sustain interest in them.

Many aquarists buy small aquariums and regret not have a slightly bigger one after they are quite established in the hobby.

Get the optimum size for you.  Keep in mind the space in your apartment and the number of fish you would like to buy.

If you are a starter, you can begin with a smaller aquarium and then as your fish collection becomes bigger, you can exchange the old aquarium (some pet shops have exchange offers) and get a new bigger one.