Reflecting Telescopes – An Overview

The Reflecting Telescope works by allowing light from the distant object to fall on a mirror in the rear of the telescope.  This light is reflected to another mirror which is located at the top of the telescopic tube.  This mirror directs the image to the viewer.

The reflecting telescope is generally credited to Sir Isaac newton.  Reflecting telescopes are also known as Newtonian Telescopes.

Reflecting telescopes are widely used in professional astronomy.  They are small in size for the same magnification when compared to the refracting telescope.  They do not suffer from chromatic aberration as the refracting telescope.

The downside is that the many components of the optical system such as mirrors and lenses can get out of alignment.  Since, the reflecting tube is open from one end, there are chances for moisture and dust to enter.

The reflecting telescope may be more difficult for children to handle.