Wave makers for the Aquarium – An Overview

A Wave maker is a pump which simulates the wave action in a freshwater body or in the sea.  Wave makers come in various capacities, sizes.  They can also simulate the wave action in different environments such as a freshwater stream or an ocean reef.  Wave makers are usually fitted in marine aquariums where they simulate the natural wave action or the sea.

Organism such as corals and anemones  are fixed.  They depend on the ocean currents and the waves to bring them the nutrients which they absorb from the water.  In the absence of wave action in the aquarium, these organism will not be able to draw sustenance from the environment.  A wave maker circulates the water and helps these species get their nutrition

Wave makers circulate the water and ensures the flow of oxygenated water throughout the aquarium.  This ensure that the water does not stay stagnant at any single place. 

Stagnant pockets of water in the aquariums result in the accumulation of dirt and detritus in specific locations such as behind rocks or plants.  The circulation of water by wave makers ensure that these debris are carried away to the filters and removed.

Aesthetics is another reason for the wave maker.  Wave makers give a natural feel the aquarium.  The flow of water has a soothing effect on the viewers.  Fish also feel more relaxed in a moving water environment.

While wave makers have benefits.  They should be properly positioned.  The output of the wave maker should not be too strong that it disturbs the aquarium set up and stresses the fish.