Bonsai Moss

Moss are small flowerless plants which grow in the soil. Moss grow in damp ground with indirect or little light.  Moss belong to the division Bryophyta.  Bryophytes are plants without roots, trunk or leaves.  They adhere to the soil by means of structures called rhizoids which resemble threads.
In Bonsai, Moss is used to to cover the soil in the pot. 

The benefits of Moss in Bonsai are
  • Moss gives an appearance of realism to the Bonsai set up. Moss on the soil gives the look and feel of a real forest floor. 
  • Moss also prevents dehydration of the soil. 
  • Moss prevents soil erosion when watering the bonsai
  • It prevents birds from digging up the soil in searching for worms.
Cultivating Moss
Moss is present in nature in almost all wet areas.  You can remove the moss from a wet area and transplant it to your bonsai ground. 
Some hobbyists dry the moss in sunlight.  The moss disintegrates into a fine powder.  This powder can be sprinkled on the surface of the bonsai floor.  ‘
Keep the floor surface wet.  The Moss will grow and spread until the entire surface of the Bonsai Tray is covered.