Bonsai Wires

Many people want their bonsai trees to take a particular shape.  This can be done by guiding the growth of the tree by means of wires.  Bonsai wires are wrapped around the trunk and the branches and then gradually bent in the desired direction. 

The thickness of the Bonsai wires should be a third of the thickness of the branches. 

Bonsai wires are made of two materials, anodized aluminium and annealed copper.  Anodized aluminium is usually preferred over copper.  Aluminium is cheaper than copper.  However, aluminium is also weaker than copper.  Thus, thickness of aluminium wire will be more than the thickness of copper wire of the same strength. 

Copper, due to its colour, blends well with the color of the trunk and is not easily visible when used in trees.  Besides, it is also thinner.

Aluminium on the other hand is more visible.  Nevertheless it is cheaper and is the material of choice for amateur Bonsai enthusiasts.  Raffia, plant based material is sometimes used with wires to prevent damage to the trunk and branches from the wires.