Selecting a Bonsai Pot or Container

The Pot or the container has a major role in the Bonsai set up.  The pots serves to hold the soil.  It also adds to the appearance of the tree.

The Pot or the container should be selected keeping in mind the tree species and the desired size of the final Bonsai..  The pot should be of sufficient size as to accommodate the root system and permit growth.

A rule of thumb is that the depth of the pot should be equal to the diameter of the tree trunk immediately above the ground.  The width of the pot should be 2/3rd of the height of the tree. 

A Bonsai plant will be housed in different pots during its growth.  Young Bonsai Plants have to be trained.  The Bonsai plant is kept is progressively smaller pots
The color of the pot should not be distracting.  The colour of the pot should complement the tree and its foliage.  The colour depends on the color of the tree.  Try to find out how the tree will look during the different seasons of the year.  Brown pots are ideal. 

Glazed Pots are also available.  These pots are particularly chosen for indoor installations. 
Texture of the pot is another aspect to be looked at.  The pot should have a flat surface.  It should not rock.  Pots should have holes which allow the excess water to drain.