Antique Value of Stamps

Stamp collection is a very passionate and age old hobby known as philately and is one of the most widely practiced hobby by stamp collectors from all over the world who appreciate the details and antique value of stamps.

Antique stamps

The value and reverence for a stamp grows with the antiquity factor in it. Any item that is more than a century old is known to be antique and stamps especially from the 20th century and before have a better value than recently published stamps  within a span of 70 years.

Antique stamps are more difficult to collect and also need a complete verification of very small details like a small symbol, engraving or paper quality to ensure its authenticity.

Value of stamps 

The value of stamps depends on various factors like
Its antique value
Type of collection
Condition (Used or unused stamp)

General facts on antique value of stamps

Used stamps have lesser value than unused mint stamps with original gum
The more a stamp is older, the higher is its value.
Perfect stamps are worth more than stamps with tears, creases and other faults.
Loose used stamps are not very highly valued.
Incomplete stamp albums are valued less.
Beginner’s stamp albums are valued very less.
The availability of stamps also matter. An antique stamp that is available in huge numbers even today will not be valued highly whereas a rare antique stamp could cost a fortune.
An antique stamp that is unique and has some distinguishing fine detail that is not normally known could be valued very highly due to its exceptionality. For instance, out of two similar antique stamps, one with a misprint or extra detail like an engraving could be much more highly valued than the other one.
So having these points in mind and collecting the rare and most valued antique stamps will add more spice to your philatelic passion.