Build On Your Stamp Collection

Once you start collecting stamps and putting them in your stamp album, it becomes a passion which you cannot give up on. You get an urge to collect more stamps for your collection. But it is not easy to find stamps. You need to find stamps which are not already there in your collection. Given below are a few pointers which might help you in building up on your stamp collection.

Ask your friends, pen friends and relatives

The most common method to build up on your stamp collection is to ask your family, friends and relatives. They’ll pass on the stamps to you which they receive and which they find are new and different.

Visit online auction sites
You can find lots of rare and famous stamps on various auction websites which devote a section to stamps. This is an easy way to build up your stamp collection.

Local dealers
You will find many local dealers who sell packets of stamps with lots of stamps in them. You might find some stamps in such packets which you do not have and can include them in your collection.

Large Main Dealers
There are many large dealers, who deal in buying and selling of stamps and also arrange auctions for rare and vintage stamps. By going to such dealers, you can find rare stamps for your collections.

Swapping Stamps
If you get in touch with other people who collect stamps, you will find that you can exchange some stamps with them as both parties might have more than one of the same kinds of stamp.

Philately clubs
These are the clubs joined by people interested in philately. Networking with like-minded people always yield meaningful ideas and ways with which you can boost your stamp collection.
These guidelines will help you in collecting more stamps for your collection and which in turn will yield you happiness and fulfillment when you’ll see your collection growing manifolds.