Can guppies live with Goldfish ?

Guppies and Goldfish are non-agressive species which are ideal for beginners.  While guppies and goldfish can live together.  There are many problems one will encounter.  Goldfish will grow bigger over time.  While goldfish are not aggressive, they may consider anything smaller than their mouths to be prey.

You may find a few guppy missing over time.  Another problem is the difference in bio-load. Guppies do not excrete much and thus have a smaller bio-load.

Goldfish on the other hand, eat voraciously and almost continuously.  Hence, they produce copious amounts of excrement.  This may dirty the water and the water needs frequent changes.  If the tank is not maintained properly, the guppy will be affected by the high ammonia levels.

Another issue is the temperature, Goldfish are cold water fish which require lower temperature while guppies are ttropical fish which require warmer temperature.

In community aquariums, the world over, guppies live with goldfish.  Ensure that there are adequate plants for smaller guppies to stay and avoid the goldfish.  Perform water changes regularly to keep the water clean.