Checking water parameters of your Aquarium

Water quality is extremely important.  Fish are sensitive even to small changes in water parameters.  Hence, it is necessary to have a regular testing schedule to monitor the water parameters.

A pH which is less than 7 is acidic while a value above 7 indicates alkalinity. As dirt accumulates in the water, the pH increases.  Regular water changes can help maintain the pH level.
Chlorine is added at your water utility.  Chlorine should be removed by using a dechlorinator.

Ammonia, nitrite and nitrates are the results of the waste produced by the fish.  Proper water changes at regular intervals help keep these levels within limits.  

Temperature should be maintained properly.  Fish are cold blooded creatures which means that they cannot regulate their body temperature on their own.  Hence, they are very sensitive to temperature changes.

Following are the limits of the various parameters which are monitored.

pH Level 
Recommended Range: 6.5-8.2

Chlorine and Chloramine 
Recommended Range: 0.0 mg/L

Recommended Range: 0.0-0.25 mg/L

Recommended Range: 0.0-0.5 mg/L

Recommended Range: 0-40 mg/L

Recommended Range: 100-250 mg/L

Recommended Range: 120-300 mg/L

Recommended Range 74-82º F (23-28º C)