Cultivating Moss in Trays

Moss are small flowerless plants which grow in moist soil.  These plants do not have leaves, stems or roots like ordinary plants. 
Moss gives a realism to a Bonsai set up and are therefore planted by many Bonsai hobbyists.  Moss can be collected from nature.  Moss can also be cultivated in Trays in your own backyard from spores bought from hobby stores
Spores can also be prepared at home

Preparation of Spores for Moss
  • Collect Moss from the ground. 
  • Dry the Moss in sunlight till it becomes dry powder.
  • The powder can be stored in Bottles.
You can make patches of moss in trays and then transplant them to the Bonsai setup.
Cultivation in Trays
  • Put a few cms of peat in a tray or shallow container. 
  • Moisten the soil
  • Sprinkle the spores on to the soil.
  • Spray water on top
  • Keep the tray in a shaded area away from direct sunlight
  • Spray water daily to ensure that the soil is moist
Moss patches will appear in about four weeks. 
The patches can be transplanted in to the soil of the Bonsai Plant.