Equipments for Handling Stamps

Stamp collection is an interesting hobby and doesn’t need much of equipments, but yes there exist few which can make stamp collection easier and a wonderful experience. Let’s see what all should be there in your equipment box for this exciting hobby!

Stamp tongs

It’s a tool which looks like a tweezers but is round and polished so that you can pick up and hold your delicate stamps in it, as holding them in your hand can crease them or give them stains.

A magnifying glass
It’s one of the very useful tools as you can read and see all the intricacies and related features in a stamp which can make it easy for you to put it in a particular category. You can also pick a magnifying glass with a battery operated light attached to it.

Perforation Gauge
It’s a tool which is required and comes handy while measuring the size of perforations on each stamp which in turn is useful to compare and get detailed information about a stamp. Metal perforation gauges are better and long lasting.

Watermark detector
Generally no two same looking stamps are same as there is a watermark on the back of the image of the stamp which makes it different from others. Watermark detector can be used to see that watermark on a stamp.

Stamp lifting fluids
These fluids are used to remove a stamp without damaging it.
These tools are inexpensive and can be bought from stamp dealers or mail order dealers. These can also be obtained from shopping websites. Just Google and you can buy them online.