Fruits in Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees produce Fruits like normal Trees.  All fruit growing trees in their “bonsai” form will produce fruits.  The fruits will be smaller in size.  In many tree species, the male and female flowers are in the same plant.  These trees are called dioecious.  In other trees, the gender is separate.  That is, there will be male trees and female trees.  These trees are called monoclinous.  In these species, while both the male and the female trees will flower, only the female will bear fruit.

Flowering and Fruiting absorb a lot of energy and nutrition from the plant.  Plants which flower and fruit heavily will soon become weak. In nature, not all the flowers and fruits mature.  Wind can knock away many of the flowers and fruits.  Squirrels and Birds take their toll on the flowers.  This limits the resources the plant has to allocate for fruit production.

While choosing fruit trees, you must select trees which suit your climate.  Fruiting in trees depends on the time of the year, the season and the weather. 

In your Bonsai, sometimes it is necessary to prevent flowering.  Flowering can be prevented by limiting the lighting.  You can also remove a few flowers and permit only a few flowers to mature and bear fruit.

This ensures that your Bonsai is healthy.

Fruit trees require adequate nutrition. Ensure that your tree is fertilized adequately

Can we eat the fruit from Bonsai ?
The fruits produced by the Bonsai trees are small and similar to normal fruits.  They can be eaten.  However, the prime reason for having fruits is to admire their appearance.  The sight of a tree laden with bright fruits is a sight to behold.  Apple Trees, Pomegranate trees can all be made into Bonsai.  These plants will produce miniature apples and pomegranates.