Getting Started in Stamp Collecting

So you like collecting stamps but still figuring out how to take your hobby to the next level? In layman’s language, the hobby of collecting stamps is called stamp collection but the actual term is Philately. It is a very fulfilling hobby and is followed by many people world over. If you are a novice in the field and stamp collecting has attracted you not so lately, a simple album would be enough to begin with. But to make this hobby a fulfilling and happy experience, get acquainted with the proper steps to follow it flawlessly.

Getting stamps
 You can get stamps from post offices and also from old letters in your house. Stamps are also available in various hobby stores.

Buy a stamp tong
Stamp collectors need tongs, which look like tweezers but are not that hard, which makes it suitable for handling stamps without damaging them.

Sorting the stamps
You can sort the stamps in any way that you like. You can sort them country wise or theme wise based on the picture on the stamp or according to the year the stamps were issued. This will also encourage you to find more information about the stamps.

Storing the stamps
After sorting, it is very essential to store the stamps properly so that they do not get damaged or lost. You can use an album or a scrapbook to store them

Learning more about the stamps
Philatelists need to have knowledge about the stamps they have collected. Try to get more knowledge about the stamps you have by reading books or browsing the net.

Get the correct instruments
Other than a tongs you also need a magnifying glass so that you can study your stamps very minutely.

Collect more stamps
You can visit the post office and also ask your relatives and friends living in other countries to send you a variety of stamps.

So go ahead and engage in the hobby of philately. Let your hobby shout to the world!

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