Getting Your First Stamps

Stamp collection is considered to be one of the most famous hobbies around the world. Choosing the very first stamp for your collection is special and hence requires some basic knowledge about this hobby, type of stamps and tools required. So, let’s get started.

Used or mint?

Many collectors decide and collect used stamps, meaning, they pull out or clip out stamps from envelops and add them to their collection or album. While there are others who go for unused or mint stamps which can be bought locally from post offices or from auctions. But that doesn’t limit the option of collecting both. Of course one can collect both kinds of stamps and make a beautiful album.

For used stamps, first clip them from envelop. Next, soak them in warm water to remove them from the paper. Give a quick soak in clean water. After rinsing, air dry your stamps and flatten them by putting under a heavy book, and the stamps are ready to become a part of your collection.

Local or Global?
Most of the collectors collect stamps locally. Collecting Stamps of a country where one lives is a rather easy task, but you can choose to decorate your collection from many countries or all the countries in the world. But as your area get’s wider the search gets complicated. So, take a slow pace.

For stamps from other countries, you can shop from “new issue dealers” or can directly gather them from the philatelic bureau of that country’s postal service.

You can also organize your album of stamps according to one or various topics.