Getting your first telescope

Once you are able to identify the most common objects in the night sky with your naked eye and with binoculars, it is time to get you first telescope.  This is an important step in your road to becoming an amateur astronomer.

The telescope will help you look further into  the night sky.  Telescopes can magnify distant objects which cannot be seen with the naked eye or even with a binocular.
When you are getting your first telescope, it is better to invest more and get a good quality one.  There are many professional telescopes.  A telescope with a big aperture will have greater clarity and will cost more. It will also be more difficult to handle as it would be heavy.

All beginner telescopes today have in built computer tracking systems.  The user will have to enter the name of the object and the telescopes automatically aligns itself to it.  This helps the beginner traverse the night sky easily.

It is also necessary to get a good tripod with the telescope to get steady images.

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