Growing Bonsai from seed

Growing a Bonsai Tree from a seed is a very rewarding experience.  Almost all Trees can be grown from seeds. 

You can get the seeds for Bonsai at all hobby or gardening stores.  “Bonsai Seeds” are seeds of normal trees.  There are no special seeds for Bonsai.

Bonsai Seeds take time to germinate.  In nature, seeds of trees germinate at a particular season.  Many seeds remain dormant during winter.  Seeds require the correct temperature, humidity and time of the year to germinate.  Before your buy the seed, learn about the tree and its natural environment.

Seeds can be germinated naturally outside or they can be germinated artificially in a special tray or a glass house.  Place the seeds to be germinated in a tray.  The soil can be a mixture of soil and organic soil.  Keep the soil moisture.  Do not overwater.

The Seeds usually germinate in the spring if they are allowed to germinate naturally.  The seedlings can be allowed to grow in the tray for one year.  When they are one year old, they will be ready for transplantation.

When the seedlings are one year old, they can be placed in their individual pots or containers. From now one, you can style and prune them till they reach the required shape and size.
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