How to Arrange the Stamps in Your Collection

Stamp collection is not just about finding new stamps for your collection. A stamp collection is more about organization and management. Philately deals with finding ways on the basis of which different stamps stand different and unique.

There are a lot of ways by which one can arrange the stamps. Let’s figure out the most popular ones!


This is the easiest way to arrange the stamps. This also makes the cataloging process easy along with simplified future references.

Release date
Arranging stamps on the basis of the year in which they were issued is another simple way to arrange the stamps and make a catalog for them.

Theme based
Another widespread method of arranging the stamps in a collection is to arrange them according to the theme on the stamps. For example, stamps with world renowned people on them, stamps with world famous monuments, stamps with animals, stamps with birds etc.

You can also arrange the stamp in your collection based on the value that is printed on the stamp.

Current value
If you are aware of the present market value of the stamps in your collection then you can also arrange the stamps according to their current market value. But it should be kept in mind that the denomination which is written on the stamp is not necessarily its current value. Rare and vintage stamps could have a very high market value.

Arrange the stamps according to the condition they are in. A stamp in good condition has more market value than a stamp which is damaged or worn.

You can also arrange your stamps based on their colors.

Stamp setting
Arrange your stamps on the basis of the stamp setting. Different types of stamp settings are special releases, first day covers and blocks.

Shape and dimension
Last but not the least; stamps can be classified according to their sizes and shapes. Though most of the stamps are rectangular or square, there are also stamps in other shapes like triangles.
Organize it the best way!