How To Preserve Your Stamp Collection

Stamp collection is a fulfilling hobby taken up by people world over. But acquiring stamps is not the only requisition of stamp collection. After collecting the stamps, care should be taken to preserve them. A slight careless attitude can prove troublesome. Below are a few pointers that will ensure that your hard work do not go waste.

There are easy peel hinges available in the market to stick the stamps on album pages. There is a fixative on the back of these hinges which make it easier to remove the stamps when you need to study them or maintain them.

Stamp mounts which are made of clear plastic sleeves should be used to store the brand new stamps or precious stamps. These mounts help to conserve the adhesive on the back of the stamp that is there originally when the stamp is made. While using such mounts, stamps can be slid into the transparent sleeves of the mount and placed in the album.

Once you have mounted the stamps, you should place them in a stamp album. The stamp albums are used for preservation of stamps. There are different types of stamp albums. Some have plastic sheets into which full envelopes can be inserted. Some have small pockets to store individual stamps.

While placing stamps in a stamp album, always keep a distance between two stamps. Also when you place stamps in an album, place them only on one side and leave the other side of the page blank. If you stick stamps to both sides of a page it could lead to damage of stamps due to compression when they come in contact with each other.

You should always store your stamp album in moderate temperature to avoid damaging the stamps.
Make sure that you follow each of these steps and preserve your collection all-well.