Plants in the Aquarium

It is difficult to think of a beautiful and well designed aquarium without plants.  Plants are an integral part of any aquarium.  They help in maintaining water quality.

During the daytime, they also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  They help small fish and fry hide from other big fish and help them survive.  They add to the general beauty of the tank and can give your tank a natural appearance.

When it comes to selecting the vegatation for your aquarium, the hobbyist is faced with the choice of going for natural or artificial plants.  This is a difficult choice as both have their pros and the cons.

Natural plants grow along with the aquarium.  They lend a natural appearance to the tank. They can control nitrate levels and help in maintaining the general health of the aquarium.  The can also serve as food for some fish.

The downside is that they  give out carbon dioxide during the night.  Adding excess plants may result in the depletion of oxygen levels in the tank.  Aeration may be required. When they decay, they can cause contamination and should be removed immediately.

Live Plants can also carry parasites.  Besides, they require proper lighting to grow.

Today, artificial plants which resemble real ones are available.  These plants are easy to fix in the aquarium and require minimal care.  They can be washed once in a while.  They also do not require care like natural plants.

The downside is they are passive and do not play any role in the overall health and living processes in the aquarium.