Selecting Fish for the Aquarium

The centerpiece of your aquarium are your fish.  Hence, it is important to select the type and the number of fishes carefully.

Select Fish which are sturdy and adaptable.

As a beginner who is yet to get a hang of maintaining an aquarium, it is prudent to go for species which can withstand adverse conditions.  Selecting species which are sensitive to temperature and water quality can result in death.  Species such as guppies, platys and mollies are good to start with.

Select Cheap Ones

Budgeting is important in maintaining an aquarium.  You need money to buy aquarium equipment like filters, aerators, etc.  Hence, as a beginner you can opt for fish which are inexpensive.  As a beginner it is better to spend more money on aquarium equipment which will contribute to the long term health of your aquarium.

Choose species which are not aggressive

Fishes which are aggressive can attack other fishes, get into fights and injure other fish and themselves.  You will end up with injured fish or even dead fish.  Hence, it is necessary to select species based on temperament.  Fish like Guppies, Mollies and Platys are good to begin with.

In certain species, the males cannot be kept together as they will start attacking each other.  Other species such as Tiger barbs are notorious fin rippers.  They will tear the fins of other fishes

Choose the right number of fish

The number of fish should be based on the size of the tank.  Select a number so that the individuals can have their own personal space.  This will also prevent overcrowding and fights and attacks.

Selecting too less a number will make the tank seem vacant.

Select the Right size of Fish

Select the right size of fish.  Species like Arrowana, gourami, etc  tend to grow big.  Such species need plenty or room.  They are not suitable for small tanks.

Choose active fish

Select fish which are active.  This will make the tank lively and help you sustain interest in the hobby.