Setting up your Origami Business

Origami can be more than just a pastime. There is a great demand for elegant and well made origami products around the world. Origami can be used to decorate a show case and in interior decorating. Origami Wall hangings command good value in the market.

If you are an Origami enthusiast who wants to launch their product, the following steps would be helpful.

Approach Gift Shops and business near your locality 
Gift Shops may give you shelf space for your products so that customers may buy them. Origami can be very appealing gifts. Business may be in need for gifts to their customers and employees.

Approach Interior Decoration Companies 
Interior Decoration companies are always on the look out for wall hangings and mountings for their projects. They may be interested in your products.

Get a Website. 
You need a website to showcase your product. A website also gives you credibility and helps in branding

Get good photographs of your products 
Engage a professional photographer specializing in product photography to take pictures of your products. You will need good quality photographs to show your online customers.

Get an online store 
An online store helps customer buy your products and pay through paypal or through their credit cards. Set up an online store on your website or through website like or Be more innovative Think of new designs and patterns to increase your range and to stay ahead of the competition.