Tools for Bonsai

It is only natural that a specialized art form like Bonsai will have its own set of instruments ad tools.  The tools developed for Bonsai are intended to make the process of cutting and pruning easier.

These tools are specially designed so that the plant is not damaged and there are no unsightly scars or other blemishes in the tree.  There are special tools available for making special cuts on the bark of the bonsai tree to give it an aged appearance.

The roots of a Bonsai plant need to be carefully handled especially when moving the plant from one pot to another . Special rakes are available to prevent the roots from getting entangled and to separate them from the soil.

Special tweezers may also be required to remove dead tissue and debris.

The list of Common Bonsai Tools are

1. Bonsai Scissors

2. Concave Cutters to Trim branches closely

3. Root Cutters to Trim roots when repotting

4. Wire Cutters to trim the Bonsai Wires

5.  Bonsai Knife