Types of Origami Paper

Throughout its history in Japan, special paper was made for Origami. A variety of papers are available for the enthusiast.

Kami or Koi paper is the most common. It is commonly used in schools. The Kami paper is thin and is usually available in square shapes of 3, 6 and 9 inches. Kami is colored or checked. Paper backed foil Paper backed foil is shiny and origami made with this appears attractive. The foil is pasted to a thin sheet of paper. Creases are easy to make in paper backed foil. The foil can be silver colored or gold colored. It can also have geometric patterns.


Washi is a type of origami paper which is textured and soft. It is also thick which makes making creases difficult. Duo Paper Duo paper has two colors on either side. This makes the finished product more colorful and distinct with different colors

Chiyogami is traditional Washi Paper with traditional Japanese design on one side.