Types of Origami

Over the centuries, Origami has grown increasingly sophisticated and complex.  Simple shapes have given way to multilateral origami.  Today there are numerous types of origami such as modular origami, panel origami, action origami and so on.  

Following are some of the types of origami

Wet Origami
Wet Origami is made by first moistening the paper.  This gives a more textured and natural look to the final piece.  The final piece will have curves and bends in the paper.  

Modular Origami
Modular Origami deals with making identical modules which are then joined together by means of flaps and pockets to form a completely different design  such as a octahedron.  Both flat and three dimensional shapes can be made from Modular Origami.

Action Origami
Action Origami is the making of origami which can move such as a bird which can flap its wings or a frog which can jump.