Watering your Bonsai

Water is vital for any plant.  Your Bonsai needs water at the right amount.  It is important that the correct amount of water is given.  The two mistakes which can happen are overwatering and underwatering.

Overwatering is adding more water than is necessary to the Bonsai.  Overwatering can drain the nutrients from the soil.  Overwatering does not allow the root to develop as the plant can access moisture easily without sending roots into the soil.  In extreme cases, overwatering can damage the roots and cause them to decompose. 

Underwatering is adding less water the soil.  Underwatering can cause the plant to wilt.  This is easily noticeable by observing the leaves.  Always ensure that Bonsai plant has adequate water.

The water requirements of the Bonsai change with the seasons of the year and the climactic conditions. 

Before watering the plant, check the soil for moisture.  By looking at the color of the soil, it will be possible to identify whether it is wet or dry.  Add water in small quantities only if the soil is dry.
It is not necessary to water the plant every day.  Ensure that all bonsai plants have a drain for excess water to flow out.