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Two Friends

It was the first day of the year.  The students were excited to be in the new class. Manoj was one of the students in the class.  He, like all others, had been promoted to the 9th grade.  He was a very intelligent and hardworking student. In the class, he used to sit in the first row and was attentive in all his classes.  His friend Ramesh, though intelligent, was playful and mischievous in class.  He was an average student.   

Soon, the class teacher entered the class and the students stood up to greet her.  She was a young lady who looked kindly at the students.  After the introduction was over, the teacher started with the lessons right away.  The first class of the day was Maths.  Maths was Manoj’s favourite subject. Manoj would solve the problems faster than anyone else.  He knew almost all the formulae and knew when to apply them.  The teacher was happy to see such an intelligent boy in class.  She praised Manoj in front of everybody. 

Ramesh, however, did not concentrate in class…

The Wolf and the little Kids

Once upon a time there lived a goat called Sheetal.  Sheetal made her home the forest of Ranjvan.  She lived there with her six children.  She grazed in the sweet grass which grew in the meadows.  In the evenings, she returned home. The little ones were the pride and joy of her life.

The forest was home to many predators.  Among them was Chandru, the wolf.  A wild and wicked creature, the wolf would devour any small animal which came across its path.

Sheetal was also scared of the wolf, particularly since she had her kids.  She had found a small cave at the foot of a hill.  She made a cosy and warm house inside for her family.

Every day, when she left in the morning to graze in the forest, here heart skipped a beat as she thought of her children.  She warned them about the dangerous wolf.  The little ones were too young to understand the full meaning of what she said. But they sensed that there was danger outside.  “Never open the door, children, to anyone when I am away”, she told them.…

The Wolf and the Little Deer

One upon a time there lived a small deer in a jungle.  The poor animal was an orphan.  Its mother had died a short while after he was born.

However, the little deer had managed to survive. He had found a small patch of grassland near a stream. The area was walled off  by sharp rocks and thorny bushes.  There was a narrow entrance through the rocks.

There was a wolf in the jungle.  The wolf was a mean and dangerous creature -a ruthless predator who would not spare any small animal he could get his paws on.    He chanced upon the rocky area while wandering in search of prey.   His sharp nose soon picked up scent of the little animal.  The poor deer was fast asleep in its shelter.

The wolf came closer and looked at the deer.  The deer, oblivious to the danger, was sleeping peacefully.  The wolf was disappointed to see that the deer was small.  He thought that he could feast on him.  But this little animal had only skin and bones.  He would provide very little meat.

The wolf hit upon a plan. …

The Wise Minister and the New King

Vishwaraja was the ruler of Nandpur.  He was known for his wisdom and integrity.  He ruled his kingdom wisely and well.  His subjects were happy and contented.  He was assisted in his royal duties by a council of ministers.  The council was headed by a wise minister named Chandrasena.
One day, the king summoned Chandrasena to his chambers.  Chandrasena went to meet the king.  He was surprised to see that the king was pale and weak.   The king’s personal physician was attending on him.   The king was unwell.    The king told him, “Chandrasena, I am very sick.   I will soon pass away. “.  The minister was shocked.  The king then said, “I do not have any children to rule after me.  After I am gone, you will have to search for a new king for the kingdom.”

Chandrasena was overcome with grief.  “Yes, your majesty.”, he said.   The king’s condition deteriorated steadily.  He grew increasingly weak.  A week later, the king passed away.  The kingdom plunged into sorrow.  A month of official mour…

The Wicked Lion and the Wise Elephant

Once upon a time there lived a simple woodcutter named Bholu.  Bholu lived with wife and two small children in the town of Vikrampur.  Bholu was a kind and generous man.  Everyday, he went into the forest to fetch wood.

One day, Bholu went to the forest as usual.  The village carpenter had wanted to make an armchair.  Bholu was in search of a tree that would provide wood for fine furniture.  He walked about looking at the trees, one by one.

He could not find the perfect one.  As he wandered about, he did not notice that he was going deeper into the forest.    As he went further, he heard a deep roar.  Bholu froze in terror.  He had never heard anything like that before. He hid behind the trunk of a large tree.  Leaning forward, he looked around.  He saw a sight that he never expected to see.  A lion was trapped in a large cage.

The lion had sniffed the scent Bholu.  Its cries grew more and more sad.  Bholu was moved by the scene of such a large majestic animal in such a sad state.  He st…

The Wicked Farmer and the Donkey with a Torch

Vishwadutt was a farmer who lived in the village Ashokapura.  He was a rich man who owned many acres of farmland.  Vishwadutt lived in a palatial house in the centre of the village. He lived with his wife and three children. He was a man of importance in the village and held a prominent role in the village council, the Panchayat.

Though he had money and stature in society, Vishwadutt was a selfish and greedy man.  He always wanted to have more.

Whenever Vishwadutt saw a field that he liked.  He would summon the farmer who owned it. Being a person of wealth and power, Vishwadutt was feared by the village folk.  The farmer would hasten to Vishwadutt’s house.  There, Vishwadutt would offer to buy the field for a sum of money.  Some farmers would agree to his demands.  If a farmer refused, Vishwadutt would threaten him with dire consequences.  Most of the farmers would give in and surrender their fields.

Thus, as time passed, most of the fields in the village belonged to Vishwadutt.

Just near…

The White Elephant and the King of Benaras

Once upon a time there lived a herd of elephants in the forests adjoining the foothills of the mighty Himalayas.

The herd was led by a beautiful white elephant.  The elephant was wise and kind to his subjects.  He lived with his elderly mother.  The mother elephant was advanced in years and was weak.  She was also blind.  Her dutiful son, the white elephant, took great care of his mother.  He loved her very much.

One day, one of the elephants came across a man wandering in the forest.  The man was famished and disheveled.  His clothes were dirty and he was in a bad state.  The White elephant was immediately informed of the intruder.  The white elephant approached the man.  The frightened man only ran further away.

The White elephant went close to him.  “Do not be afraid”, he said, “we have come to help you”.    The man, who had by now overcome his fear, narrated his sad story.  “I am from a party of woodcutters who were chopping wood in these forests”, he said.  “I went deeper into the f…

The Watchman and the Three Wishes

Bholeram was a watchman working in the city of Sundarpur.  Bholeram had lived there for many years.  He worked at a palatial bungalow in the heart of a city, owned by a rich merchant.
Bholeram was extremely loyal to his employer.  He had reason to be.  The merchant was kind to Bholeram and treated him well.  Bholeram worked in the night, looking after his master’s bungalow.  Every evening he would leave his house which was just outside the town and walked towards his master’s house.

It would be late in the evening by the time he reached the house.  He had a torch and a stick with him.    The Bungalow was located in a sprawling area.   It was surrounded by a tall compound wall.   Bholeram went around the house once, checking the various places inside the compound.

He then took his place at his post near the gate.  One night while he was, thus, on duty, he went to see if all was ok.  The night was like any other night.  It was warm and the sky was clear.  The moon shone in the beauty of it…

The Washerman and the Lazy Bull

Once upon a time, there lived a washerman called Ravidas. Ravidas lived in a small village.  Everyday, he would go from house to house and collect the clothes to be washed. He put the clothes in a cart he brought along. The cart was drawn by a bull.

He then made his way to the banks of the river which flowed near the village.  He washed the clothes in the waters of the river. In the evening, he went and handed the clothes to their owners.

Ravidas was a kind man and took good care of his bull.  The bull was fed well.  He had a clean and spacious shed to stay.

But, the bull was a lazy and thankless animal.  He always felt a false sense of importance and thought of work as a burden.  He hated carrying the load.  He wanted to lounge in his shed all day and while away the time.  One day, a wicked idea crossed the bull’s mind.

The next day, Ravidas went about his daily routine.  He collected the clothes from the villagers,  went down to the river and washed the clothes.  In the evening, he was …

The Two Friends and the Bear

Pankaj and Ravi were two friends who lived in a small village near the town of Vikramgarh.  They had known each other since they were little children.  They played along the same dusty roads of the village and attended the same school.

Their fathers were weavers who lived in the village and they lived in adjacent houses. The two boys grew up and went to school together. The school did not have a proper building.  In fact, it did not have a building at all!  The lessons were taught under the shade of a banyan tree.  The tree was so large that the branches spread over a wide area, providing shade and shelter.

Every morning, Pankaj and Ravi would go there along with the other children in the village.  The classes were conducted by an elderly schoolmaster.  They would return home in the evening when the classes were over.

This was their daily routine.  The years passed and the boys grew older.  When they were about 15 years old, their parents decided to put them in a bigger school.  The scho…

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time, there lived a duck on the shore of a lake.  It had recently laid a clutch of eggs.  It was sitting on those eggs patiently.  Unknown to the duck, a farmer who had found an abandoned swan’s egg had placed it in its nest.

Her patience bore fruit.  A few days later, the eggs hatched and fluffy and yellow ducklings were born.  But one of her eggs alone did not hatch.

The egg hatched two days later. When the mother duck looked at what came out.  She was shocked.  A black and ugly young chick struggled out of the egg shell.  When the other ducklings saw the dark young one, they made fun of it.

“Ugly one! Go away!”, they said.  No one wanted to be friends with such an ugly creature.  The poor young chick was extremely sad.  The mother duck tried to be kind to the grey chick.  But when the chicks would go swimming in the lake with the  other ducklings, every other chick would be bright yellow in colour, except for the dark colored chick.  She always stood apart.

No one wanted to…

The Two Fishes

Once upon a time there was a pond called Sukhsagar.  The pond was small.  It was home to two fish.  One was called Sahasrabuddhi and the other Dharmabuddhi.  The two fish had lived there for a long time.  They fed on the green algae which grew on the pond floor.    The pond was home to numerous fishes and other small animals like crabs and shrimps.  The fishes lived a calm and quiet life.  There were no predators to threaten them.

The pond was thus a safe place where all its inhabitants led their own quiet lives.  The pond was not far from a nearby village.  Every now and then, people would come from the village to the pond.  Little boys would come over to swim in its calm waters.  Sometimes, women would bring their laundry to wash in the pond.

It so happened that one day a couple of fishermen were passing by the pond.  They had been fishing in another pond a few miles away.  The pond caught their attention on their way home.  The two of them had been talking about the pond.  Said one t…

The Two Cats and the Monkey

Chandru was a cat in the village of Rajpur. He had lived in the village ever since he was a small kitten.  The village was the home to many milkmen.  The milkmen raised cows which gave them their milk.  They also made cheese and other milk products which they sold in the neighbouring villages.  Chandru was a feral cat which meant that he did not have a home.  He lived in the streets.

He hunted mice and other small animals in the night.  Every now and then, if he was lucky, he would get to have a drink of milk or a tasty piece of cheese.    Even then he had to be careful, for the milkmen considered cats to be pests which robbed them of their milk.  If the milkmen found Chandru or other cats in their room, they would beat them with sticks and drive them out.  Chandru had been beaten like this many a time.

Chandru’s home was a hollow in the trunk of a tree outside the village.  He would sleep during the day when the sun was hot.  Like most cats, he hunted in the night.  Once it was dark, C…

The Tiger and the wily Jackal

Once upon a time there lived a tiger on the banks of a river. The river flowed through a thick forest.  The banks of the river were, therefore, covered with tall trees and dense vegetation.

The Tiger lived in a cave in the forest.  He lived alone.  He hunted deer and other animals which lived in the forest.  Situated on the banks of the river, the forest was extremely fertile.  The plants and trees grew profusely.  They were good food for deer, bison and other animals which fed on them.

Among the many animals in the forest was a jackal.  The Jackal was a sly creature.  He sometimes hunted small animals such as rats and frogs.  But he mostly lived  on the leftovers of the kill of other larger predators.

One day, the tiger was out hunting.  It spotted a herd of deer a small distance away.  He slouched low among the tall grass. He moved stealthily closer to where the herd of deer was grazing, ignorant of his approaching presence.

He moved closer within striking distance.  The deer had still …

The Proud Students and the Good Tribesmen

Shahpur was a small town.  It was home to a few thousand people.  It had a few schools and a college.  The college was attended by over 500 students.    Every year, the students and professors of the college went on a picnic in the nearby forest

On the day of the picnic, the students arrived at their college dressed in colourful clothes.  The students got on to buses.  It was a jolly time.  There was music played and dancing in the bus itself.
The students were very happy.  They were busy clicking pictures of the forest and of one another.  Ramesh, Vinod and Kumar were three students in the picnicking party.   They were close friends
The bus finally reached picnic spot.  The students got down from the bus.

Soon, foldable tables and chairs were brought out and a sumptuous breakfast was spread.  Breakfast was soon over.  After the breakfast, there was a session of games and cultural programmes.
Ramesh, Vinod and Kumar soon grew tired of the events.  Soon Ramesh said,” Hi Guys! Let’s go into …

The Squirrel, the Rabbit and the Wily Fox

Many years ago in the forests of Rajvan, there lived a squirrel.  The squirrel made its home in one of the massive trees in the forest.    Soft and furry, the squirrel scampered across the branches as it made its way from one branch to another through the forest canopy.

The squirrel lived a carefree life.  Beneath the trees in the forests below, lived a rabbit.    The rabbit and the squirrel were good friends.  The squirrel spent a lot of time with the rabbit.
The rabbit lived in a burrow near the tree.  The squirrel would accompany the rabbit as it went across the forest in search of food.

The Rabbit moved across the grassy ground in search of food.  He was extremely nervous, always on the lookout for predators for he had many enemies in the forest.

In particular, the rabbit was fearful of a fox that lived in the forest.  The forest was a very wily and cunning creature.  He would usually only eat the leftover meals of the other animals like the tigers, cheetahs, etc.  He had long wanted …

The Spoilt Goat

Chandrakant was a merchant who lived in the town of Saharanpur.  He had a flourishing business there.  He traded in glassware.  His shop was well known for the variety of glassware he offered.  His customers were from the many nearby towns and cities.  Needless to say, he was a very wealthy man.  Chandrakant was also a philanthropist.  He was a kind and generous man who donated liberally to charities and to people in need.

One day, Chandrakant was passing through a forest.  He was returning after attending the wedding of his friend’s daughter.  It was evening and the sun was beginning to set.  He saw a goat struggling in the distance.  The goat was being chased by a pack of wolves.  The goat was tired and exhausted.  Just as Chandrakant was watching, it fell down.  The vicious pack of wolves, pounced upon the defenceless animal.  They bit it with their sharp teeth.  The goat was wildly flailing its feet in a bid to fend off the assault.  But it was useless.  The wolves were too many.


The Snake and the Frogs in the Well

There was an old abandoned well in a forest.  It was a very old well.  Once upon a time, the well was full of water and people from the surrounding villages used to draw water from it.  However, over the years, the well had gradually fallen into disuse.  The water level in the well had gradually fallen as the rains had failed for a couple of years.  The water was now muddy and unfit for use for either drinking or washing.  People no longer came to draw water from the well.

The well was now home to a colony of frogs.  The frog lived by eating the little insects which lived in the water.  On the wall of well were some small steps which led out of the well and into the forest.  Sometimes, the frogs would hop up the steps and reach the land outside the well.  They would move around in search of some food.  They would be lucky to find a tasty grasshopper or a dragonfly.  Having eaten their fill, they would then return to the safety of their home in the well.

This went on for several months. …