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Stories for Children

  • Two Friends
  • The Wolf and the little Kids
  • The Wolf and the Little Deer
  • The Wise Minister and the New King

  • The Wicked Lion and the Wise Elephant
  • The Wicked Farmer and the Donkey with a Torch
  • The White Elephant and the King of Benaras
  • The Watchman and the Three Wishes

  • The Washerman and the Lazy Bull
  • The Two Friends and the Bear
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Two Fishes

  • The Two Cats and the Monkey
  • The Tiger and the wily Jackal
  • The Proud Students and the Good Tribesmen
  • The Squirrel, the Rabbit and the Wily Fox

  • The Spoilt Goat
  • The Snake and the Frogs in the Well
  • The Snake and the Ants
  • The Snake and Frog-king

  • The Shepherd’s Dog and the Wolf
  • The Rich man and the Poor Man
  • The Proud Elephant and the Wise Jackal
  • The Proud and Foolish Woman and her Rooster

  • The Pigeons and the Hunter’s net
  • The Peacock, who wanted to fly
  • The Rabbit and the Partridge
  • The Partridge and the Crow

  • The Owl and the Crow
  • The Old Tiger and the Merchant
  • The Old Woman and Two Wishes
  • The Magic of Kind Words

  • The Lion, the Bull and the Fox
  • The Lazy Dhobi and his Donkey
  • The Landlord and the Labourer
  • The King and the Loyal Minister

  • The King and the Honest Woman
  • The King and the Faithful Minister
  • The Jackal, Donkey and the Lion
  • The Innocent Deer, the faithful Crow and the Wily ...

  • The Greedy Woman and the Golden Swan
  • The Greedy Monkey
  • The Grateful Crane
  • The Grass Hopper and the Ant

  • The Golden Swans and the Poor Crane
  • The Goat, the Kids and the Wolf
  • The Goat and the Python
  • The Fox and the Goat

  • The Wily Fox and the Camel
  • The Four Bulls, the Fox and the Lion
  • The Five Thieves
  • The Fisherman and his Greedy Wife
  • The Firefly, the Parrot and Foolish monkeys
  • The Farmer and his Gossiping Wife
  • The Wise Elephant and the Greedy Monkey
  • The Clever Leader and the Doves in the net

  • The Donkey, the Jackal and the Cucumbers
  • The Lazy Donkey and the Sacks of Salt
  • The Dog of the Street and the Dog of the Bungalow
  • The Deer ,the Lion and the Jackal

  • The Crow, the Eagle and the Sheep
  • The Crow and the Beautiful Bird
  • The Cranes, the Turtle and the Mongoose
  • The Crane and the Fox

  • The Clothes Merchant and the Elephant
  • The Clever Fox and the Dead Elephant
  • The Children in the Forest
  • The Carpenter’s Wife and the Mongoose

  • The Honest Carpenter and the Axe-head
  • The Blue Jackal
  • The Ants and the Birds
  • The Ant and the Pigeon

  • Little Red Riding Hood and the wicked Wolf
  • King Midas and the Golden Touch
  • How the cunning crow brought tragedy upon himself
  • Good Luck and Bad Luck

  • Friends in Need - The Tortoise and the Deer
  • A Threat to Others is a Threat to Ourselves
  • Belling the Cat
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    Plecos - An Overview

    Keeping Plecos in the Aquarium

    Plecos are tropical fish.  They will also grow to about a foot long.  Some individual fish have grow to about 2 feet.  This should be kept in mind before purchasing the fish.
    Plecos require a large tank about 55 gallons.  They are pretty hardy fish.  It is easy to care for them.
    A pH of 6.5 to 7.5 is ideal.  The temperature can be between 23 and 30 degree Celsius.

    Provide plenty of hiding places such as rock overhangs, driftwood and plants for the pleco to rest during the day time. 

    Plecos are nocturnal fish and they are most active at night.

    Plecos are highly territorial.  They require at least 75 gallons per individual.  While they get along well with fish of other species, they become aggressive and hostile with members of their own species.  Hence, it is not advisable to have plecos together.

    Having More than one Pleco
    Besides, plecos have a high bioload. 

    They are voracious eaters and produce copious amounts of waste.  The water in the tank can get dirty wit…

    Aquarium - Benefits and Maintenance

    An Aquarium can be a very beautiful and engaging addition to your home. The principle reason why people want to have an aquarium in their home is for aesthetics. Aquarium add to the beauty of the home.

    The graceful movement of fish relaxes the mind. It lowers stress levels and is proven to improve health and wellness in peoples.

    Patients who have been made to view aquariums have been known to recover faster.

    An aquarium also teaches us about harmony. Within the closed environment of the aquarium are complex biological and chemical processes. We understand how everything in nature is related. A slice of a natural water body such as a pond or a river is brought into our homes.

    Interacting with fish helps people build empathy and compassion towards animals and people. The fact that a totally helpless animal is entirely dependent on you brings a sense of responsibility and helps people develop a caring nature.

    Checking water parameters of your Aquarium

    Water quality is extremely important.  Fis…

    Setting up and Aquarium - Part 1

    Choosing the right location for the aquarium

    Locating the aquarium in the right place in your home or office is crucial.  Here are some common tips for selecting the right place for your aquarium.

    Place the aquarium at a place where you are likely to spend most of your time.

    Placing the aquarium at a place where your spend most of your time ensures that you and those who visit your home enjoy the presence of your aquarium.  If it is placed in a corner where nobody goes, it can tend to get neglected.  At the same time, placing it in the centre of the room can sometimes become an obstruction as it may get in the way.

    Ensure that there is adequate space around for maintenance

    An aquarium requires periodic maintenance.  These maintenance activities require space for free movement of people and materials.  While choosing the place ensure that there is space around the aquarium.

    Ensure the presence of electrical power supply and a water source nearby

    An aquarium needs power to operate the aerator …