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Feeding your Fish When on Vacation

Feeding you aquarium when you are on a holiday would be a matter of concern for any hobbyist. Thankfully, there are many methods to deal with this.  You can your set your mind at rest in the knowledge that your pets are given the food at the right time.

Always do a partial water change before you leave home.

Do not feed if the vacation is for a day or two
Fish can go without food in their natural environment for a week or two. If your vacation is going to be short, you can skip feeding.

Use of Holiday Food
Holiday Food is food which is made in the form of a cube which dissolves slowly releasing the food particles over a period of a few days. Both Plant-based and worm-based holiday foods are available.

Some people feel that they can cloud the water. But the water can be cleaned when you return.

Automatic Feeders
Automatic Feeders can drop food into your aquarium at pre-designated intervals. You can program these feeders to drop food into your aquarium once, twice or thrice a day depending on your aquarium's routine

Asking a friend to come over once a day.
If you have a friend or a relative living close by, you can ask them to drop in once a day to feed the fish. They can also check out on the health of the fish and inform you if anything is amiss.