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Setting up the Aquarium

Setting up an Aquarium
Tools and Equipment for the Aquarium
Fish Stocking and managing the Population
Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium

Plecos - An Overview
Guppies - An overview
Selecting Fish and Plants for the Aquarium
Aquarium - Benefits and Maintenance

Fish Health

What is the need for an Aquarium Quarantine Tank?
Potassium Permanganate in the Aquarium
Aquatic Veterinarians
What are Endoparasites and Ecto Parasites ?

Handling Pregnant Fish
Medicated Food for Fish

Topical Treatment for Aquarium
Preventing Constipation in Fishes
Phosphates in the Aquarium

Plants in the Aquarium
Carbondioxide in the Planted Aquarium
Substrate Fertilizer for Planted Aquariums
What are Carbon Dioxide Tablets ? Can they be used?

Liquid Fertilizer in the Aquarium
Fertilizer Pellets for Plants
Fish Food
How do I avoid overfeeding the fish ?
Medicated Food for Fish

Brine Shrimp - An Overview
Infusoria - An Overview
Live Food for Fish
Feeding your Fish When on Vacation

Aquarium Water Quality

How to do a Partial Water Change ?
What are Nitrifying Bacteria and their role in the aquarium
What is the bioload of an aquarium?

What causes a fish tank to Smell ?
Cloudy Water in the Aquarium
What is Activated Carbon ? Why is it used in the Aquarium
Tannins in Aquariums

Baking Soda in the Aquarium
What is zeolite ?
Calculating the volume of water in an aquarium in litres
What are aquarium salts ?

The Nitrogen Cycle and Biological Filtration in Aquarium.
What is Kalkwasser ?
Aquarium waste water as fertilizer for plants


Can Angelfish and Gold Fish be kept together ?
Gold Fish – Factsheet
Can Plecos tolerate salt ?

Why do some Goldfish Change Color ?
Is it true that Gold Fish do not have a Stomach ?
What is Live Rock ?

How do we distinguish between male and female gupp...
Can guppies live with Goldfish ?
What is the function of the swim bladder in fish ?...
What is the lifespan of the Goldfish

Algae Bloom
Crabs in the Aquarium
Disappearance of Fish
Handling Bully Fish

What are Macro Algae ? Where are they used ?
Slime in Fish - An Overview
Snails in the Aquarium