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The Lion, the Bull and the Fox

Once upon a time, a lion and a bull lived in the forest.  They were great friends.  They were always together.  When the lion went to hunt its prey, the bull also went for grazing.  They wandered together and slept together.  All the animals in the forest were surprised at the strange friendship between animals which were so different from each other.

The Lion protected the bull from other predators.  Because of their friendship, no animal had the courage to attack the bull.  All the animals were friendly with the bull.  Every evening, the lion and the bull went for a long walk around the forest.  They enjoyed each others’ company.

There lived a fox in the forest.  It was a very cunning and wicked animal.  The fox was very curious about this friendship.  So one day, it went and talked to the bull.  Soon, it won the confidence of the bull.  The bull introduced the fox to the lion.  Soon, the fox also went along with the lion and the bull.  The lion and the bull were happy that they had won a new friend.  They did not understand the evil intentions of the fox.

The fox also joined the lion and the bull in their evening walks.  The fox soon became influential in the forests.  It was the friend of the lion.  The other animals treated the fox with respect.  The fox acted like a mini king of the forest.  The lion gave a share of the meat he hunted to the fox who had now stopped hunting and searching for food altogether.  He was now leading an easy life.

The three animals were living happily.  The bull and the lion loved the fox.  But the wicked fox had another plan.  It was also acting as if it was their good friend.  The fox was thinking to himself,” I have never tasted a lion’s flesh.  I have also never had a chance to eat a bull also.  If I could get a chance it would be great.”

The fox was thinking of a plan to make the bull and the lion to quarrel with each other.   It was waiting for an opportune moment to put his plan in action.  One day the bull was grazing nearby and the lion was resting under the shade of a tree.  The fox went to the lion and said,” You have been a good friend to me.  You have protected me and given me food.  Therefore, I want to tell you something to you about the bull.”.  The lion was surprised at the fox.  He knew that the bull was a good friend of his and never kept anything from him.  Nevertheless, he was curious.

With a rather puzzled look, the lion said, “Tell me, friend fox.  What is it?”  The fox was now happy.  This was the moment he was looking for.  “I heard the bull say that he hates you as all the animals call you the king of the forest.  He says that he is stronger than you and can defeat you anytime and that your claws are no match for his powerful horns.”  The lion was furious on hearing this.  He began to be suspicious of the bull and started to believe the fox.   The fox was very happy.  The first part of his plan had worked.

The next day, the fox met the bull while it was grazing and said,”Brother bull, I am very sorry to say this to you.  I am telling you, anyway, as you have been a good friend.  The lion says that you are ungrateful as you have never thanked him for having protected you from the other wild animals.  He says that without him you would not survive the forest even for a week.”  When the bull heard this he was angry too.

He decided to teach the lion a lesson.  He wanted to show that he was stronger.  The next day, when
he met the lion, he pretended not to notice him.  The lion remembered what the fox had told him.  He gave an angry growl.  The bull could not hold himself any longer.  He rushed to the lion and gored him with his sharp horns.  The lion was wounded.  Furious with rage, the lion pounced on the bull.  The lion bit the bull and his sharp claws tore through his flesh.

The fight between the two animals raged for nearly an hour.  The two animals forgot their friendship and fought with rage and anger.  It was a sad sight to see two close friends fight each other to the death.  Soon, both the animals were injured.  They limped back into the forest.  By morning, both were dead.  The fox was delighted.  It feasted on the flesh of the two animals for nearly a week.  It called its friends, the other foxes to join him in its feast.

Dear Children, this story tells us the importance of checking whatever we hear.  There are many bad people who spread false stories and damage friendships.