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Medicated Food for Fish in Aquariums

When fish fall sick, the most widely used method of medicating them is adding the medication to the water.  Another method of giving medicine to fish is through the use of medicated food.

Medicated Food has the advantage that it can be delivered in adequate doses quickly.  The medicine also enters the fish's body directly.

Medicated Food for fish infections are available readily in the market.  Medicated Food can also be prepared at home using special techniques.  It is necessary to ensure that the food is palatable, that the fish like its taste so that they will eat it.

Medicated Food, however, often cannot be used for fish which are very sick and do not eat.  In addition, the downside of using medicated Food in a tank is that fish which do not need medication may also eat the medicine.

Some hobbyists starve the fish for 24 hours to make them hungry and then add the medicated food.