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Topical Treatment for Aquarium

Topical Treatment refers to individually treating your fish by applying medicine to its body.  Topical treatment can be done for large and medium-sized fish such as Koi, Goldfish and many other species.

Topical Treatment is ideal in the case of ulcers, cuts from fights or in treating parasites.

Isolate the fish with a net. Bring it to the water's surface.  Gently lift the affected part out of the water.

Clean the surface to be treated.  Apply the disinfectant or the antibiotic to the body.  Topical medication contain gels which help the medicine bind to the fish's body for a long time.  It may be necessary to repeat the treatment once every 24 hours.

Keep the heat of the fish in the water to allow it to breathe.

Topical treatment is ideal when one fish is affected.  However, it is also necessary to identify the cause of the ulcer or parasite.  This may necessitate the treatment of the entire aquarium.