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Cloudy Water in the Aquarium

Cloudy Water in the Aquarium can be caused by a host of factors ranging from algae growth to improper filtration to excessive food.  It is necessary to find out the cause of cloudy water in an aquarium.

Cloudy aquarium affects the appearance of the aquarium and gives and unhealthy appearance.
Stock the aquarium lightly.  Excess number of fish produce waste which takes time to be broken down by the bacteria.  This can cloud the water

Do not overfeed.  Fish can only eat so much.  Feed in small amounts.  Wait for five minutes after feeding.  If the food has not been consumed.  Remove uneaten food.  The particles from uneaten food can cloud the water.

Algae can also cause cloudiness.  Algae thrive when the water has excess nutrients.  Partial water changes will help.

Aquarium Filters help filter the suspended particles in the water.  Check if your filter is working.
Regular partial water changes can reduce excess nutrients in the water.  This reduces algae growth.  Partial water changes also removes the suspended particles.  Hence, make sure that your tank gets regular water changes.