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Keeping Plecos in the Aquarium

Plecos are tropical fish.  They will also grow to about a foot long.  Some individual fish have grow to about 2 feet.  This should be kept in mind before purchasing the fish.

Plecos require a large tank about 55 gallons.  They are pretty hardy fish.  It is easy to care for them.
A pH of 6.5 to 7.5 is ideal.  The temperature can be between 23 and 30 degree Celsius.

Provide plenty of hiding places such as rock overhangs, driftwood and plants for the pleco to rest during the day time.  Plecos are nocturnal fish and they are most active at night.

Plecos are highly territorial.  They require at least 75 gallons per individual.  While they get along well with fish of other species, they become aggressive and hostile with members of their own species.  Hence, it is not advisable to have plecos together.

Having More than one Pleco
Besides, plecos have a high bioload.  They are voracious eaters and produce copious amounts of waste.   The water in the tank can get dirty with many plecos.

If you must have more than one plecos, ensure that the tank is large enough.  Make plenty of hiding places and ensure a thick vegetation.  Also make sure that the Filtration system can handle the waste produced.  It is better to put plecos together when they are young so that they can get used to company of their own kind.

Feeding Plecos
Plecos are bottom feeders.  In the wild, they feed on plant matter and detritus on the bottom of the river or stream.  They also eat other vegetation.

In a tank or pond setting, you can feed plecos algae wafers.  You can also feed them vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage and lettuce.  One problem in giving vegetables is to get the vegetables to sink down to the bottom.  Some vegetables like cucumbers will sink down after a few hours.  Other like cabbages and lettuce will need to be held down by a piece of stone or a vegetable clip.

While plecos eat the algae growth in the aquarium, it is not sufficient.  They need to be fed the food mentioned above.  Baby plecos in the first days will have to be fed infusoria or baby brine shrimp.