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Can Angelfish be kept with other fish ?

Angelfish are community fish.  They can be kept with other fish.  They are a semi-aggressive species which means that they get aggressive only rarely.  Common causes for aggression are inadequate space in the tank.

Angelfish need their own space.  In large tanks, they can be kept in groups.  In relatively smaller tanks, they can be kept in pairs.  A minimum space of 30 gallons is required to accommodate angelfish.

Angelfish can get aggressive during breeding, especially when they have laid eggs. 

It is better to add angelfish to tanks when they are young and small.  They get acclimatized better. 
Angelfish have long and elaborate fins.  These fins can be attractive to fin-nipping fish such as tiger barbs.  Fighter fish (Betta) should also not be housed with Angelfish.  Both fish may get aggressive resulting in injuries.