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Bonsai as a Business. Bonsai Associations.

Bonsai as a Business

Bonsai is more than just a hobby. It can also be a business. While many people admire Bonsai trees for their beauty and elegance, very few people have the patience and skill to grow a bonsai on their own. There is a good market for readymade Bonsais. Bonsai trees command good prices based on the age, species and appearance.

Many customers, particularly companies like to have bonsai trees in their offices on a rental basis as they may not be able to care for the trees on their own.

Bonsai experts are also in demand for training classes.  The Bonsai publishing industry is also well established. Experienced Bonsai practitioners can publish books,blogs,etc.

Here are some easy steps to start a Bonsai Business

Approach Gift Shops with Bonsai. 
Many people may want to gift something different to their friends and loved ones.  A bonsai may be the perfect choice.

Get in touch with Interior Decoration Companies
Interior Decoration Companies may consider placing Bonsai trees  in their projects.  Talk to them about selecting the right type of tree for their clients.

Talk to Newspaper Editors and bloggers to publish your story
Write articles on Bonsai in your local newpaper and give out your address.  You will get enquiries and  potential customers.  Get a professional photographer to photograph your products and publish them in lifestyle magazines.

Put up your online store.
With the internet, it is now easy to get exposure for your business.  Set up an online store and upload details of your Bonsai Products.

Bonsai Clubs and Associations

The art form of Bonsai has grown in popularity around the world. Almost all major cities in the world have their own Bonsai clubs .

These clubs are places where hobbyists and professional practitioners of this art form can meet and share ideas and experiences among one another. You can check online for a club in your town or city.

These clubs also conduct competions and shows to encourage people in the art of Bonsai. Some clubs also conduct training programs to members on advanced Bonsai Techniques.

Artificial Bonsai Trees

Artificial Bonsai Trees are trees made of plastic or other synthetic materials. These Trees are used to decorate homes and offices. Since, these require no maintenance, they are often preferred. Seller claim that each tree is hand made and resembles a natural tree.

Replicas of trees of almost all species are available in their artificial forms. These plants are usually handcrafted and have a lifelike appearance.

The trunk of many artificial trees is made of natural wood. The leaves are made of silk which lend a lifelike appearance. The trees are UV resistant which prevent facing due to exposure to light.

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