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Stamp Exhibitions and Philately Clubs

Stamp Exhibitions

Stamp exhibitions, also known as philatelic exhibitions are held in regional, national and international level to show the world some of the best stamp collections made by philatelists from all over the world. They also serve the purpose of creating awareness about stamp collections and also help stamp dealers and post offices sell stamps and related antiquities and other philatelic items.

What happens in a stamp exhibition?

A philatelic exhibition facilitates the study of stamps, their history and various facts surrounding them. Stamp auctioning and display of various rare stamps give an unforgettable experience to any avid stamp collector.

Stamp collectors compete for medals and are judged upon by qualified judges with a profound knowledge of philately.

Stamp exhibitions mostly happen as regular events conducted by well-known philatelic societies.

Types of exhibition

Exhibitions may be of international, national or regional scope and have a target audience correspondingly.  They may theme based displaying a collection of stamps particular to a certain theme or a general type of exhibition.

Stamp exhibitions that are granted the FIP patronage are considered to be the most prestigious.
Some of the well-known stamp exhibitions are

• EXPONET is a virtual stamp exhibition that allows the user to have the joy of visiting a stamp exhibition right from their home via the Internet.

Each country has its own international stamp exhibition at some point in time and these exhibitions have striven hard to keep the art of philately alive in the present days even though postal communication has dwindled.

Philately Clubs

Stamp collection is all the fascination and the thrill of collecting and treasuring hundreds of stamps with a passion and zeal for the love of philately. Hobbyists find philately very interesting and it has been an active hobby for the past 2 centuries.

The zeal for stamp collection is kept alive by the various philately clubs and societies that are formed by activists from all over the world sharing a same passion for philately.

A place to share and explore
Stamp clubs serve as a wonderful platform for stamp collectors to share and explore with people of common interests.  They help you to connect with the local stamp collectors’ community and also maintain a huge base of stamps that you can admire and explore with. Philately clubs can be the best places that can understand your fascination for stamps and let you show off your collection to similar minded people.

Local philately clubs

Finding your nearest philately clubs can be very easy with the help of internet. Just a simple Google search can lead you the place where you can connect with your contemporaries.
Local philately clubs could be a great resource for individual stamp collectors and since philately is rather an individual hobby; clubs could be a great way to socialize.

National and international level philately clubs

There are many national international online societies available that help you add more fun to your hobby. Some of the well-known international philately clubs are
  •  American Philately Society
  •  Royal Philatelic Society London
  •  International Philatelic Union

There are many regional and national philatelic organizations available in every country.

Importance of stamp clubs

Stamp clubs can be ultimate source of help and fun, by rendering in each of these effective ways:
  •  Provide a way to connect with fellow stamp collectors
  •  Share information
  •  Organize stamp exhibitions
  •  Give alerts on stamp auctions and deals
  • Give an open access to its resources

Connect with the nearby philately club today!