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Little Red Riding Hood and the wicked Wolf

One upon a time there lived a little girl who lived with her mother in a village.  The village was in the edge of a great forest. 

The little girl had a grandmother who lived in a village a few miles away.  The grand mother was very fond of the little girl.  She would often visit the little girl and her mother.  The little girl too loved her grandmother very much.

The little girl’s mother had gifted her with a bright red hood which she wore over her head.  The neighbours and friends soon began calling her Red Riding Hood.  The name stuck.  The little girl liked that too.

In the forest lived a wicked wolf.  The wolf had moved in to the forest a few months ago.   It had spread terror among the people who lived in the villages near the forest. 

One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother made some cakes .  She asked Riding Hood to take those cakes to her grandmother. 

Her mother gave her the basket with the cakes.  She bid her good bye.  She also warned Riding hood not to venture into the forest.   Her warning was not without reason.  There was a shorter path to the village through the forest.  But the path was often confusing and many people had got lost as they took the route. 

A longer path was a few miles longer.  Red Riding Hood had promised her mother that she would take this path to her grandmother. 

It was late in the afternoon.  Soon it would be evening.  “I can go faster through the shorter route”, little Red riding hood thought.  She entered the forest.  As she was walking, the wolf saw her.  He was happy that he would get some thing to eat.  It had been days since he had eaten.  He hid himself behind some bushes along the path as the little girl approached.  He was about to pounce on her when he heard some voices.  It was a group of wood cutters passing through the forest. 

He was disappointed.  He then had another idea.  He put an innocent look upon his face and smiled at the girl.  For a moment, little Red Riding hood was afraid to see the hairy animal. 

“Do not be afraid.”, the wily wolf said, ” I am a good animal who keeps to myself in the forest.  I saw you in the forest and thought you have got lost”.  Little Red Riding hood had overcome some of her fear.  The wolf seemed to be genuinely concerned.  “I think I am lost”, she said, “I am going to my grand mother who lived in the village near the forest with these snacks”. 

A wicked plan flashed in the wolf’s mind.  He pointed a different and longer path to the little girl.  As little Red Riding Hood went on her way, the wolf dashed across the forest and reached the village where the old lady lived.  Soon, he was at the door of the house.

He knocked at the door.   The old lady was weak and in bed.  “Who is this?”, she asked.  The wolf changed his voice to that of a little girl.  “Grandma, It’s me.  Red Riding Hood”, he said. 

The unsuspecting old lady opened the door.  The wicked wolf pounced on the old lady and swallowed her.  He then put the next part of his plan into action.  He quickly took some clothes of the old lady from her wardrobe.  Putting them on, he jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep.

Little Red Riding had finally managed to reach the house.  She knocked at the door.  A voice from inside called out to her.  “Come in my child”, it said.  The innocent girl went inside the home.  As she saw the figure in the bed with her grandmother’s clothes, she had no idea that it was the wolf.  “Come close, my child”, the wolf said.  As Red Riding hood moved closer, the wolf jumped out of bed and pounced upon her.  Within no time, he had swallowed Red Riding Hood as well.

Contented with having had so much to eat, the wolf lay down and fell asleep.  As he was sleeping, he began to snore.  The snore of the wolf was like a howl.  A hunter passing by recognized the howl of the wolf.  He opened the door and saw the wolf in the bed.  He also saw the clothes of the old lady and Red Riding Hood on the floor.  He knew what had happened.  With his hunting knife,  he ripped apart the stomach of the wolf.

And lo! there was Little Red Riding hood and her grandmother inside.    The hunter took them out.  As for the wolf, it was dead.  Little Red Riding hood and her grandma thanked the hunter very much.

Little Riding Hood stayed with her grandmother for a month, she then went back to her mother. 

Children, this story teaches us to follow our parents’ advice about safety.  We must always follow their instructions.  It we do not follow what they say then we may get into trouble like little Red Riding Hood. 

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