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The Goat, the Kids and the Wolf

Once upon a time there lived a goat in a forest called Anandi.   The forest was a huge one with tall trees.  Many animals lived in the forest.  Among them were some wild animals such as the tigers, bears and wolves.  Anandi had lived in the forest for a long time.  There were other goats which lived in the forest along with Anandi.   The goats grazed on the grass which grew on the hill slopes. 
The forest was also home to dangerous animals such as tigers and wolves.  The goats were the favourite prey of the wolves.  Therefore, the goats were always cautious.

Anandi had two small kids.  The kids were playful and would prance about while Anandi grazed in the valley.  Anandi lived with her kids in a house in the forest.  The house was made in the hollow trunk of a huge tree.  The door to the house was made of a strong piece of wood.  A few months later, severe drought came upon the forest.  It did not rain for many months.  The grass in the valley dried up.

Anandi and the other goats were worried.  The goats discussed amongs themselves on what to do next and decided that they would cross over to the other side of the forest to see if there was any food available.  The place the goats had to go was a long way off.  Anandi knew that she could not take her kids along.  The little ones would not be able to walk such a long distance.

The next morning, Anandi woke up early.  Anandi told her kids, “Children, I am going to a place quite far from here in search of grass.  I will be home by evening.” The kids were sad and afraid to be alone.  They had never been alone separated from their mother before.  Anandi said, “Children, stay safe.  Do not open the door for everyone.  When I come home, I will knock the door three times, pause for two seconds and then knock the door three times.  This is the signal that it is me who is knocking.  Do not open the door for anyone else.”

Anandi left her home and her kids after ensuring that they had latched the door properly.
The kids stayed inside the house.  They had their breakfast which Anandi had prepared for them and then fell asleep.  They had hardly slept for two hours when a heavy knock was heard on the door.  The kids woke up at once.  Someone was at the door.  They were scared.  The knocking was heavy and fast.  They remembered the warning their mother had given to them.  She had told them that she would knock differently.

The kids sat frozen in fear.  The knock could be heard again.  Inside, the trunk of the old tree was a hole.  One of the kids climbed up the hole and peered outside.  There was a dark and furry animal beside the door.  It was the wolf.  The wolf knocked more and more furiously. But the kids did not open.  The door was quite strong.  The kids again peered from the hole.  What they saw shocked them.  The wolf was climbing their chimney.  The chimney was an opening which led from their kitchen.  The chimney opened on the top of the tree trunk.  By climbing the chimney, the wolf could reach the house and eat them up.  They had no way of escape.

The kids were in a state of panic.  Then one of them hit upon an idea.  The kids quickly took a match from their matchbox and lighted the stove below the chimney.  They put some firewood into the stove and kindled the flame.  Soon there was quite a fire below the chimney.  Then the two kids hid themselves under a table and lay absolutely still.  The wolf had by then started to climb down the chimney.  It was congratulating itself on finding such an easy meal.

Having climbed down a few feet, it jumped down into the house and landed straight on the stove.  It let out a howl of pain as it fell on the hot fire.  Its coat of fur was in flames.  It ran around the house in great pain.  The desperate wolf then opened the latch of the door and ran away into the forest.  It never came again near the house of the goat.

When Anandi returned in the evening, the kids told her the story of the wolf and how they had driven it away.  Anandi was happy to see her children safe.   She praised them for being such clever kids.
Children, this story tells us the need to obey our parents to be safe.  There are many dangers in this world.  It is necessary to listen to our parents’ instructions to stay safe. If we run into danger, quick thinking can save us just as the kids saved themselves from the wicked wolf.

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